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Its so simple!

  • Buy your coupon!
  • you will recieve a receipt to confirm your payment.
  • Once the deal has closed you will recieve your Vouger (Coupon) (if it is a 'Redeem it Now' coupon you will get it as soon as you've purchased)
  • To redeem, follow the step-by-step instructions on your Vouger (Coupon).
  • Use your unique Coupon code when booking your service or ordering your product.
  • Thats it so simple.

You are Secure with Holiday Hagglers!

  • None of your details will be given outside the company without your consent.
  • Your credit card informations is secure as non of your card details are keept at Holiday Hagglers.
  • Your data is encrypted by our processors.

Your payment is Secure!

  • Once bought a coupon you may cancel your purchase before the coupon validation date which is not less than 30 days and can redeem it %100 to your Haggler Reward, for any other coupon purchase.
  • You may also cancel any coupon purchase prior 14 days your coupon has been issued and get a full cash back to your payment option.
  • You may earn extra Holy Money by joining our campaigns.

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