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We frequently update our special offers, so make sure you don't miss out on our latest deals. Coupoly based in London is operating as a Holiday Comparison Company and gives the ability to Merchant at travel destination sides to offer their services and coupons to end customers who plan to have a visit at their Location.  Coupoly’ s unique approach rises a win-win for the end customer as well as the merchants worldwide where intercountry customer and merchants meet is normally very difficult, especially before the date of the travel to the target destination.


End Customer wins:

Finding offers, deals and coupons created by local merchants at the point of destination.

Saving directly with special offers and coupons.

Examine the offers and coupons at his own language.

Make a booking without front payment, payment on arrival no additional cost.

Booking easily in a few steps on any device via responsive Web Design, (Mobile,Tablet,PC)

Have an overview of his budget and plan in front.

See all available special deals together at for his destination find new inspirations.

Booking online directly on Google, Facebook, Coupoly Site, Customer Site or Instagram all the same.

Send Booking likes or to friends easily.


Merchant wins:

Have a visibility worldwide on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Coupoly.

Create special offers or coupons make them available in no time.

Your coupons are translated to major languages automatically.

Customer will see your coupon and offers in their own language.

Create new customers from all over the World.

Create own calendar for offers availability date and time.

Set even quotes how many special coupons to be released.

Get bookings from all sort of media online; your site, coupoly, Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Make your bookings manually into the same system.

Booking is syncronised by coupoly Bookingsystem no overbooking.

Get Booking reports anytime, monitor and manage bookings.

Coupoly system is responsive design so use it on your mobile, tablet or PC.

No software installation needed all on a cloud platform.

Embed Booking widget from Coupoly into your Web Site so a full booking system you can use.

HRM for further strength manages your staff for appropriate service offers and deals.

But now the very best: One-time payment for all these.

NO Reservation commision. %0 Commission. Think about what you pay now.



Let's have a concrete example:

 For the traveller, it is an advantage to find vouchers and offers from variant options where their travel destination is. Let's assume somebody from the UK travels to Germany (Munich). Usually finding vouchers for someone from England in Munich is not that easy. On our system, the user has the possibility to see all available offers whether accommodation or other offers in Munich all in one. Booking directly on his mobile or other devices, no complication no time waste, the Merchant gets the booking information simultaneously. Traveller and Merchant match in no time. NO language blockade, no mailings no confirmations no loose of time anymore and no commision, no hidden costs to either side.   The deal is fair and clean.